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A common faults and elimination method of plate type cooler

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-24
The common faults of board type cooler and elimination method 1) Plate type cooler plate and leakage between the saddle plate or saddle plate lateral leakage. This mostly joint or damage distortion stress corrosion crack of bed bed. Can be replaced by joint, in bed, strengthen the support to eliminate stress method to solve. 2) From the plate cooler plate group of leakage to the atmosphere. Damaged reason may be that: (1); (2) bed adhesive must not satisfied (3) device to receive enough tight/(4) plate reverse direction; (5) tank corrosion perforation of the bed. Corresponding remedial measures are: (1) in bed; (2) bed to glue to fill; 3. Tighten to design length (4) the direction change is; 5. A new plate cooler plate. 3 medium leakage from each other. The reason may be: (1) plate with hole; (2) the isolation of bed damage medium leakage fault judgment to each other: (1) according to plate the Pauli exclusion principle, pressure test was carried out on the plate type cooler plate; (2) if the plate type cooler apart, but through the observation of pollution on the slab cracks in liquid display case and put a light behind the plate of the examination of the pervious to light and make sure.
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