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About improving cooler cooling effect

by:DIGUANG     2020-04-04
Cooler on product design from three aspects to enhance the cooling effect of the cooler: one, reasonable process design. Under the same heat load, reasonable process design cooler can get smaller heat exchange area, and can save investment. Process design is not reasonable and the process design, not only make the equipment operation cost increase, cold and hot medium in between not all reverse flow, thus affecting the cooling effect, and it's easy to appear channel jam phenomenon, is not conducive to the machine running. Second, the cold heat flow area. At present a lot of heat is always the hot and cold sides processing range, so if in this way, you can by adjusting the cooler on either side of the cold and hot flow between on both sides of the plate to adjust the cross-sectional area of the heat flow rate, thus improve the capacity of medium small on one side of the convective heat transfer coefficient, which can achieve the purpose of enhance the cooling effect. Cooler under the method of resistance is very low, when resistance increase will not exceed the resistance value of the system allows, therefore is to improve heat transfer efficiency is one of the most ideal solution. Three, in the import and export between the cooler and a side tube. By controlling the opening of the regulating valve and into the heat exchanger of water to meet the requirements of system resistance of cooler, and through the by-pass pipe of water mixed with water cooler outlet temperature meet the system requirements of water supply. This method only in the temperature difference between heat transfer conditions, used for processing large lateral resistance and increase the heat transfer area is one of the cooler mitigation measures. The above is to ascend cooler cooling effect at 3 o 'clock. Users should be in the cooler runtime checking its heat dissipation effect, if the cooling effect is not good to timely find out reason, is the cause of the cooler itself or because of improper operation, if it is the cause of the cooler, it needs to be in accordance with the specific conditions for repair or replacement.
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