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Air water heat exchanger caused by leakage accidents

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-12
Air water heat exchanger caused by leakage accidents caused by gas water column plate heat exchanger tube corrosion leakage main reason is that frequent, open parking and excessive temperature of plate heat exchanger, gas water swelling shrinkage making flower plate expansion pipe leakage and the device itself due to reasons such as caused by manufacturing defect. Because of corrosion, Such as steam fog droplets, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide) Serious, cause air water column tube plate heat exchanger. Due to frequent open parking, temperature change is too big, sharp expansion and contraction devices, make the flower plate expansion pipe leakage. Gas water plate heat exchanger manufacturing defect itself, welded joint leakage. Because of operating gas water temperature rise of plate heat exchanger, bolt elongation, loose fastening parts, flange leak. Because of air water heat exchanger tube bundle loose assembly parts, pipe vibration, thermal shock caused by open parking and emergency stop, and preventive maintenance mechanical shock produced by improper operation and cause leakage.
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