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Any brands for high end double wall heat exchanger ?
When referring to high-end double wall heat exchanger , the first impression for such a product is high quality, attractive appearance, and fancy price. Though we produce the product at a competitive price, we can guarantee the superior quality and performance of the product that values a lot to the customers. Through dedicated design in structure and appearance, the product gives out a luxurious presence, earning high-end fame for DIGUANG. It is surely one of the high-end brands in the domestic market beyond expectation.

Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is an expert in producing hydraulic press machine of great craftsmanship. plate and shell heat exchanger series manufactured by Shanghai Empire include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Shanghai Empire can offer customers all kinds of plate and shell heat exchanger with different sizes and colors. This product has been certified under CE and RoHS. The product has a quality that exceeds the international standards. Its detachable structure allows for the flexible change of the heat exchange area.

DIGUANG always puts the adherence to the core concept of plate type heat exchanger and plate type heat exchanger as the core values the first. Welcome to visit our factory!
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