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Any Shanghai Empire offices in other countries?
For now, Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. doesn't have our own offices in other countries, but we can still deal with the business no matter where you are. We've got professionals to help us tackle the problems of customs, foreign trade, etc. We have deeply realized the benefits of establishing offices in foreign countries. One is that we can enjoy a preferential tariff and a lower cost, therefore offering customers a more favorable price. The other is that we can provide more convenience for local customers who are interested in our products. In recent years, we have been aiming to set up offices in our target markets and we believe that we will achieve this goal.

In China's plate heat exchanger industry, DIGUANG is famous for the products of uniqueness and innovativeness. plate heat exchanger series manufactured by Shanghai Empire include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The main structure of the pillow plate heat exchanger is composed of immersion plate heat exchanger which is applicable in many occasions. Its compact design helps save more space. The product provides excellent safety and quality which have been approved by the international certifications. This product perfectly resists fouling and corrosion.

Listing plate and shell heat exchanger as the premise under the stricter production process than what customers want will help DIGUANG win more customer. Get price!
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