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Assembly form of plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-27
Plate heat exchanger assembly form process of plate heat exchanger is designed according to the needs of the actual operation and use, and the selection of process and design is based on a plate heat exchanger heat transfer equation and calculation of fluid resistance. ( 1) Plate heat exchanger series process fluid within a ride through each vertical flow channel, then change direction, flowing through the next process. In this process, the main body of two fluid flow is current, but in the adjacent and flow and countercurrent flow. ( 2) Plate heat exchanger in parallel process fluid flow into the parallel port respectively, and then into a flow, in one way. ( 3) Complex process which is also called hybrid process, the combination of flow for parallel and series, the plate heat exchanger is parallel flow within the same process, and for the tandem between with cheng cheng.
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