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At present, the common imported plate heat exchanger in China_

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-02
At present, the common imported plate heat exchanger brand in China

2018-11-14 11:32
There are many brands of 1331 plate heat exchangers. Today, I will talk about some of the more common imported plate heat exchanger brands in China: 1, alfa laval, Sweden-2, swep (shu Ruipu, now an English brand) It is tranter, SWEP is a brazed brand), Sweden-has been acquired by alfa laval group; 3. APV, Denmark-products also include pumps, valves and food equipment; 4. sondex, Denmark-the same as Shurepu Specializing in heat exchangers, the world's second-largest plate stamping output, second only to ALFA; 5. GEA, Germany-products are biased towards industries such as electricity, food, oil cooling, marine, etc.; 6. API, Italy; HISAKA, Japan; Thermowave , Germany; FUNKE; CIAT...Features: The type of heat exchanger made is generally below DN200, and the plates with this brand are mainly commissioned, especially large-diameter plates. The Diguang plate heat exchanger brand has the characteristics of good heat exchange effect, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, and corrosion resistance. There are many types of plates and a complete range to meet the needs of different customers for different types of heat exchangers.
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