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by:DIGUANG     2020-09-12
Now, the plate heat exchanger is in high thermal efficiency, small heat loss, cover an area of an area small, easy installation and cleaning, long service life, etc, is very popular among people and sought after. Is going to be the Dragon Boat Festival, the arrival of the merchants have also thrown the preferential activities to attract customers, and plate heat exchanger was in sales of a wave of small wave. 。 In general, the relative flow heat exchangers in the fluid generally has two kinds of downstream and upstream. Downstream, the entrance of two fluid temperature difference is bigger, and the heat transfer surface gradually decreases, and to the exit temperature difference is small. In the import and export of cold and hot fluid temperature under certain conditions, when both fluid without phase change, with an average temperature of upstream downstream small. And reverse flow, heat transfer surface along the two fluid temperature distribution more uniform. Removable plate heat exchanger is composed of a number of stamping with corrugated sheet in a certain interval, and the framework and overlapping compression screw compression, round with gasket seal, and in the plate and gasket four Angle hole formed the fluid distribution pipe and gathering. This reasonably separated the cold and hot fluid can be respectively in each panel on both sides of the flow in the flow channel, through the plate heat exchanger. At present, the plate heat exchanger under the condition of the same pressure loss, its heat transfer coefficient of 3 - higher than tube heat exchanger Five times, which covers an area of over one third of the tubular heat exchanger, heat recovery rate can reach more than 90%.
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