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Brief introduction of DIGUANG
DIGUANG has been developed for many years and has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. R&D and production are supported by experienced technicians. It has good sales in both domestic and foreign markets. Its exports account for a large proportion of total sales.

Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of those competitive companies in the field of plate and shell heat exchanger. hydraulic press machine series manufactured by Shanghai Empire include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Varied plate-shell heat exchanger is one of the features that our plate and shell heat exchanger own. Its safety system helps prevent accidents from happening. Strict quality assurance ensures the higher performance of plate and shell heat exchanger. This product has been certified under CE and RoHS.

Promoting metal stamping machine to achieve the value of DIGUANG is the goal of the company. Ask online!
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