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Carol, the adjustment of the sealing performance of plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-16
Carol, carol, the regulation of sealing performance of plate heat exchanger plate heat exchanger softening of elastic sealing washer is related to pressure and temperature, when the gasket after losing elasticity, heat exchanger will be dripping. In some of the products, in order to solve the dripping phenomenon, caused by seal aging and allows for carol which can adjust the sealing performance of plate heat exchanger, the tight combination of Kellogg again the bolt of plate heat exchanger, regulate various elastic gasket between the heat exchanger of clamp force, solve the problem of dripping. In a titanium plate with the function of Kellogg on the nameplate of plate heat exchanger, generally allow the maximum and minimum stress is presented. For the new heat exchanger group, to use the smallest allow connecting the fixed stress.
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