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Chemical Industrty

Chemical Industrty


chemical industry exists a series of complex changes, such as heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation, crystallization. General heating and cooling can choose ordinary plate heat exchangers. If special working conditions(the presence of highly corrosive chemicals exist), such as the preparation of concentrated acid, Ion film caustic soda, cool phosphoric acid, can select special material free flow plate heat exchanger. For the evaporation and condensation conditions, plate evaporator and plate condenser can be selected.


In recent years, with the continuous expansion of Ion film caustic soda industry, the demand for heat exchange devices has also expanded. In the heating chamber of Ion film caustic soda and concentrated alkali cooler section,the ordinary heat exchanger is easily clogged due to the presence of crystalline salt, resulting in the heat exchanger not working properly. Our wide gap plate heat exchanger solves this problem. this heat exchanger has the following features: 

1. Adopting unique 6-12mm deep corrugated design, no direct contact between plate, forming free flow, avoiding crystalline salt to clogged channel.

2. High heat transfer efficiency and low cost

3. Adopting detachable structure with wide channels, maintenance and cleaning are very convenient.

In addition, in making acid and making alkali industry,in some sections, due to the strong corrosive of acids and alkali,many heat exchange equipment is severely corroded.

The service life is greatly reduced, which increases the production cost of the enterprise.In this regard, Shanghai Empire has many years of engineering experience, using special materials of plates and gaskets, which can effectively resist acid and alkali corrosion and extend equipment life. For example, in the dry suction section of making acid industry, C276 plate and VITON gasket can be used for concentrated sulfuric acid medium; in the purification section, SMO254 plate and EPDM gasket can be used for dilute sulfuric acid medium.


Multi-effect evaporation equipment is widely used in chemical industry, such as citric acid, sodium hypophosphite, sodium chloride, ammonium sulfate,the condensation of end-effect secondary steam in these devices,can be realized by our plate condenser, maximum treatment of secondary steam can be Up to 150,000 m3 / h, the secondary steam can be as low as 38 ° C, the outlet temperature of condensate liquid and the inlet temperature of the cooling water, its temperature difference can reach 2-3 ° C. Our plate condenser can also be used to modify other condensers. For example, the condenser of one factory uses mixed condensing method, the steam is mixed with the cooling water, and the cooling water can't be recovered. 1000kg/h steam from 48°C cool to 35°C requires 48,000 kg/h of cooling water. After using our plate condenser, the cooling water can be recycled to the cooling tower and can be used continuously, thus reducing operating costs.

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