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Common failures of plate heat exchangers and maintenance and cleaning solutions_

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-17
Common failures of plate heat exchangers and maintenance and cleaning solutions

2020-08-28 14:30
743 Since the plate heat exchanger requires long-term heat exchange operations, it is prone to failure when it is not properly maintained and used, so how to solve the problems of the plate heat exchanger? Next, the plate heat exchanger repair manufacturer Diguang Heat Transfer will briefly introduce the plate heat exchanger repair method for everyone. 1. If the plate heat exchanger leakage is in a non-pressure state, the device should be re-clamped according to the dimensions provided by the plate heat exchanger manufacturer. Note that the size should be uniform and the error should not exceed ±0.2 mm. The board should be kept within 2 mm between the board. At the same time, mark the leaked parts, and then disassemble the plate heat exchanger, replace the internal parts, and reorganize it. After disassembling the plate heat exchanger, choose to repair or replace the internal parts of the heat exchanger according to the actual situation. When there are no spare parts, you can temporarily not install the damaged parts. After the reinstallation is complete, clean the surface of the heat exchanger and the gasket. 2. When the pressure drop is too large, first clean the dust and fouling of the pipes in the plate heat exchanger, and pay attention to avoid damaging the plates and gaskets during the cleaning process. 3. When the efficiency of the plate heat exchanger is insufficient, increase the heat or increase the pipe size. Stabilize the heat flow of multiple parallel plate heat exchangers and clean the surface dirt. The above is about the maintenance methods for different failures of the plate heat exchanger. If you want to know more about the repair price, plan, process, etc. of the plate heat exchanger, please go to the official website of Diguang Heat Transfer for detailed information and consultation.
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