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Do you know the correct installation method of the steam plate heat exchanger? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-01
Do you know the correct installation method of the steam plate heat exchanger?

2020-07-17 14:23
644 plate heat exchanger is a common heat exchange equipment in civil and industrial heat exchange systems. The connection pipe is an important part of the heat exchanger, and the installation requirements are relatively strict. Next, the plate heat exchanger rubber gasket manufacturer Diguang Heat Transfer will briefly introduce the installation and connection specifications of the plate heat exchanger rubber gasket. 1. The connecting pipe should be flush with the inner surface of the flange. 2. The inlet and outlet of the cold and heat medium of the pipeline should be consistent with the connection of the heat exchanger. Considering the convenience of maintenance, it is best to use a shorter part when connecting the pipe to the heat exchanger. 3. The connecting pipe should be arranged as far as possible along the radial or axial direction of the plate heat exchanger. 4. When the temperature requirement is higher than or equal to 300°C, butt welding flanges should be used. 5. If necessary, thermometer interface, pressure gauge interface and level gauge interface should be set. 6. For heat exchangers that cannot take over (or interface) for air bleed and liquid discharge, the air outlet should be set at a higher position of the equipment, and the liquid outlet should be set at a lower position. The minimum nominal diameter is 20mm. 7. The plate heat exchanger can be equipped with an overflow port. When installing and repairing plate heat exchanger gaskets, you should understand the installation operation rules and precautions in detail to ensure that the plate heat exchanger gaskets can operate normally and smoothly during use, and try to avoid damage to the heat exchanger due to parts. . If you want to know more about the brand, program, process, etc. of the plate heat exchanger, please go to the official website of Diguang Heat Transfer for detailed information and consultation.
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