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Four methods of plate heat exchanger anticorrosion insulation compressor station

by:DIGUANG     2020-06-30
Four methods of plate heat exchanger anticorrosion insulation compressor station of plate heat exchanger anticorrosion insulation compressor station four methods: one, corrosion resistant material every pressure plate heat exchanger using corrosion resistant materials ( Your eyes such as stainless steel, hartz alloy, titanium, titanium alloy, copper, etc. ) , the material corrosion resistance is strong, can improve the compression station insulation plate heat exchanger of alternative, but the high corrosion resistance of the material is expensive, the manufacturing cost is high, the one-time pay the cost of large, enterprises generally difficult to accept, promoting difficult. Second, adding corrosion inhibitor in the corrosive medium, add a small amount of certain substances, and these substances can make the corrosion of metals is reduced greatly, and even stop, these substances known as corrosion inhibitor. The addition of corrosion inhibitor should be not affect every pressure plate heat exchanger production process and product quality for the principle. According to the reaction mechanism, the metal erosion can be differentiated erosion and electrochemical erosion. And the metal surface and the electrolyte solution by electrochemical effect and the electrochemical etching is usually compare electrochemical erosion and stress corrosion cracking, pitting, Small hole erosion) The form of local erosion, erosion and flush. Three, electrochemical protection Yang protection is to use with dc power supply, make the metal on the surface of Yang into Yin under protection. This method USES capacity is big, high cost, use less. Yang protection is to be protected outside of the plate heat exchanger of compressor station connected to the power supply, make the metal surface passivation film, so as to achieve protection. Separate the low cost pressure station plate heat exchanger, but poor corrosion resistance. Through the adoption of sacrifice Yang protection technology can improve the compression station plate heat exchanger heat insulation, but the protective effects of this technology is limited to within the limited length of pipe, the entrance, difficult to achieve Yin protection tube, so at the expense of Yang law application of plate heat exchanger in compressor station did a lot of restrictions. Four, anti-corrosion coating method in the metal surface, through a certain method to replace, covered a layer of corrosion resistance of the coating layer, and the metal surface of plate heat exchanger with every compressor station direct contact with the corrosive medium. At first, this method of technical economy, effectively to prevent gas medium corrosion, coating the adults used to prevent oil and solvent paint, high-temperature paint, heavy anti-corrosion coatings and special environment to use coating direction.
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