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Gas water of plate heat exchanger in situ cleaning steps

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-11
Gas water gas in-place cleaning step of plate heat exchanger plate heat exchanger in situ cleaning steps: 1. The gas water on both sides of the plate heat exchanger in and out of the pipe mouths liquid row. If do not, but water will be forced out of the process liquid. 2. With about 43 ℃ warm water from the air water flushing on either side of the plate heat exchanger, until the water becomes clear and does not contain process fluid. 3. Connect the rinse water drainage to vent plate heat exchanger, in-place cleaning pump. 4. To clean thoroughly, we must make in-place cleaning solution flow from the bottom of the plate to the top, to ensure that all of the surface of the plate with wet cleaning solution. When cleaning process gas water plate heat exchanger, must make at least 12 h, cleaning time, cleaning fluid flow to ensure that all processes on the surface of the plate more wet. 5. Air water heat exchanger best cleaning solution is: use in-place cleaning solution with maximum velocity flushing, or in situ cleaning nozzle diameter to allow maximum velocity of the ( Nozzle diameter 2 inches to allow maximum velocity to 260 GPM, nozzle diameter of 1 inch maximum allowable velocity 67 GPM) 。 If you can before pollution thoroughly, carried out in accordance with the regular cleaning of the plan on the cleaning, the cleaning effect will be better. 6. After the clean with in-place cleaning solution, reoccupy clear water is rinsed thoroughly clean air water heat exchanger.
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