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Guangdong plate heat exchanger cleaning scale concrete steps

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-07
Guangdong guangdong steps in the plate heat exchanger cleaning scale of plate heat exchanger cleaning scale concrete steps: 1) Before wash: pickling to open washing of plate heat exchanger in guangdong, the heat exchanger internal no mud, scale and other impurities, which can improve the effect of acid pickling, also can reduce the amount of waste acid pickling. 2) Pour into a clean with a cleaning fluid equipment, and then inject of plate heat exchanger in guangdong. 3) Pickling: will be filled with acid solution of plate heat exchanger in guangdong static immersion 2 h, then continuous dynamic cycle  ̄ 3 4 h, in which every 0. 5 h and alternating cleaning. If after pickling, the acid pH value is greater than 2, acid can be used, otherwise, it should be diluted acid liquid and the back off. 4) After alkaline cleaning, acid pickling, with NaOH, Na3PO4, demineralized water according to the proportion, the dynamic circulation way to alkaline cleaning, heat exchanger to acid and alkali neutralization, make guangdong plate heat exchanger plate no longer corrosion. 5) Water: after the alkaline cleaning, use clean softened water, repeatedly to wash 0 heat exchanger. 5 h, the residue within the guangdong plate heat exchanger is rinsed clean. 6) Record: cleaning process, should strictly record each time step, in order to check the cleaning effect. All in all, after the cleaning, to guangdong crackdown test of plate heat exchanger, qualified rear can use.
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