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Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-11-06

The 'Plate & Shell plate heat exchanger accommodates a spherical plate pack by which the waved 'herringbone' pattern is pressed into every plate. The merchandise passes through the port holes and into the gap between the plates. Since the shell construction between the heat switch plates is a full welded type, maximum working pressure is on the market up to 100 bar.

Since the corrugation of the warmth exchanger plate types turbulent move in low Reynolds number, the overall coefficient of heat transfer is approx. three,000~6,000kcal/㎡hr℃ which is four~5 occasions greater than multi-tubular heat exchanger. SEC Disc and Shell heat exchangers are an especially efficient design primarily because of the excessive turbulence created by the strategically designed geometry of the plates. Disc and Shell warmth exchangers are custom designed to provide the most effective solution to your hello turbulence application. SEC sanitary warmth exchangers are engineered to remove cross contamination of fluids for crucial medical, analysis, and food and beverage production purposes.

The exchanger allows the addition or removal of plates to cut back warmth switch capability. Many plate and frame heat exchangers are made of corrugated plates on a body. This creates excessive turbulence and excessive wall shear stress, resulting in a excessive heat switch and a high fouling resistance.

Products embody Cooled & Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Recuperators and Economizers. Alloy Engineering carries Certificates of Authorization for heat exchanger fabrication to ASME Code Section I and Section VIII, Div. 1; B31.1 and B31.three Process & Pressure Piping; and API 660/661 General Refinery specs.

Industry leading gaskets, baffles and distinctive building ensures compete fluid isolation for full sanitary conditions. Alfa Laval AlfaQ™ warmth exchangers are used for HVAC applications corresponding to cooling crops, ice-storage techniques, knowledge facilities, and free cooling techniques. The vary is certified according to the AHRI Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers Certification Program which ensures thermal performance based on producers’ published specifications. Heat exchangers require accredited welding proceduresand our ASME certified welders mixed with our design and project group are experienced to be able to meet the strict necessities of business warmth exchangers.

All designs meet the requirements of the ASME Code and TEMA, whether they're produced from 4” diameter pipe or 120” plate shells. The PSHE can perform many sorts of processes from ice making, cooling, heating and condensing or evaporation, with one set of suitable plates. The compact plate and shell heat exchanger is designed to save even more house than our normal model and this unit permits for an easier assembly at the customer’s website. The plate and body warmth exchangers may be taken apart, which permits for simple cleansing and maintenance of the gear.

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