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Heat Exchanger Surface Calculator

by:DIGUANG     2020-11-02

eight whereby a number of of the channels of the HT plate 38 a are shown in phantom traces. After the HT plates 38 and 38 a are superimposed in this manner, the 2 plates form a cassette 12 having passages therein shaped by the internal ridges of the channels. The HT plates 38 and 38 a are then connected to each other by providing a circular weld forty two just outside of every of the inlet and outlet ports 22 and 24. The weld 42 supplies a seal between the 2 plates 38 and 38 a around every of the associated ports. Another cassette 12 is then placed on prime of the 2-cassette packet and similarly hooked up to one another.

This continues till the desired variety of cassettes 12 are joined to one another. 8 is an enlarged prime view of a minimum of two stacked cassettes of the sort located within the heat exchanger of FIGS. The thermal element subassembly then has metallic shell-side flow diverters, nozzles and an finish plate welded to it. An exclusive cage construction , welded only to the tip cowl, surrounds and supports the plate core pack assembly. The cage prevents any cantilever stresses from being transferred to the plate pack.

To this finish, an adhesive is used, that may be simply cleaned off and removed, to connect the gaskets 64 and 66 into their respective depressions or tracks. Once compressed by the HT plates, the gaskets sixty four and 66 type a decent seal between channels that's impartial of the adhesive. 5 having the configuration it assumes previous to having the holes required for inlet port 22 and the outlet port 24 formed therein.

As the shell diameter is similar to the equivalent S&T exchanger, it is possible to retrofit an existing warmth exchanger shell with a plate pack, both for debottlenecking causes or to unravel a corrosion drawback. The heat exchanger of declare 10 whereby stated corrugations of stated first warmth switch plate and mentioned corrugations of stated second heat transfer plate of every of mentioned cassettes are at a set angle relative to each other. is right when there are two fouling fluids in service and when it is fascinating to wash the complete unit. Also note that in HT plate pack assembly, there is a risk that, until held in their accommodating tracks, the gaskets 64 and 66 might fall or slip misplaced.

6, the HT plate 38 has a plurality of usually “V” formed and parallel channels formed therein every of which has internal and outer ridges each recognized by reference numeral forty. It might be understood that the HT plate 38 a is similar in configuration to the HT plate 38. This causes the channels of each of the plates to cross each other at a hard and fast angle as seen in FIG.

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