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Hydraulic Drawing And Stamping Presses

by:DIGUANG     2020-12-08

Clean the oil cup, filter screen, dredge the oil street, the oil mark is evident.3. Check the oil high quality and quantity in the fuel tank, add lubricating oil as appropriate.four. Check the integrity of the road, hose protection connection dependable, good efficiency.3. Check the travel switch of movable beam, verify whether the motion is delicate and dependable.4.

The oil press with mineral oil as a working medium appeared in the late 19th century. The oil has good lubricity, anti-corrosive and moderate viscosity, which is beneficial to improve the performance of the hydraulic press. The hydraulic press makes use of water because the working medium at first after which uses emulsified liquid by including a small quantity of emulsified oil into the water to extend the lubrication and scale back corrosion.

The pump of this drive system supplies excessive strain working liquid to the hydraulic cylinder. The distribution valve is used to change the path of the provision liquid. The overflow valve is used to regulate the restricted pressure of the system and also acts as a secure overflow.

If there is no abnormal phenomenon, the system strain may be raised to round 6Mpa to prepare for the next work. For typical parts such as automobile engine bracket and radiator bracket, hydraulic forming parts are 20% ~ 40% lighter than stamping components. For hollow step shaft components, the load may be lowered by 40% ~ 50%. The c-body hydraulic press is open on three sides, easy to function, however much less rigid.

Safety protecting cover, pillar protecting cowl full and straightforward to make use of, foot pedal change protective cowl intact, secure and reliable.5. When drawing, the adjustment of stress facet force is pilot valve “F7”, which ought to be fixed at 25Mpa. The adjustment of system pressure is pilot valve “F1”, which is often fastened at 25Mpa.

After the Nineteen Fifties, small fast forging hydraulic press appeared, which may do the things equal to the work carried out by three-5Ton forging hammer. Since then, the world has produced greater than 20 units of 10,000T free-forging hydraulic machines, together with two made in China (see Fig.four). France purchased a 65,000 ton die-forging press from the Soviet Union in 1976 and developed a forty,000 ton die-forging press in 2005 in cooperation with Germany. The theadjustment, handbook and the semiautomatic three operation mode could understand the fixed pressure and determine theregulation two sreft methods.

When the pilot valve “F2” is adjusted to stop at any place of the slider within the take a look at working as described above, there shall be no sliding. However, it must be famous that the pressure worth ought to guarantee the need for the return pressure.

When descending slowly, the pilot valve “F3” shall be adjusted to the higher cavity of the principle cylinder, and the strain worth shall be lower than 1Mpa. Switch on the power and jog the motor to check if the rotation is in keeping with the desired rotation. After the completion of the work, the motor could be formally began, in order that the oil pump can function at an empty load for a minimum of 5 minutes.

The complete strain produced by water is large and is often used for forging and stamping. Adopt electrical control, with job motion and semi-automatic cycle, can shield the time of strain delay, and have good sliding block course, simple operation, simple maintenance, economic durability. Extendable working range, in a position to lengthen hydraulic cylinder stroke using three-sided space with max retractability 260mm-800mm.

The capability of the pump and motor could be selected according to the average amount of high pressure working fluid if adopting this system. However, the energy consumption is massive, and the system has many processes, the structure is complex as a result of constant working fluid stress. This sort of drive system is principally used for medium and small-sized hydraulic press, and also can be utilized for big free forging hydraulic press instantly driven by the pump.

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