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by:DIGUANG     2020-12-17

Therefore, when clients choose to buy processing equipment, they should select an acceptable hydraulic press or mechanical press based on the precise processing demand. The weight carried by balancing the strain of the liquid, including the gear of the hydraulic press itself. The hydraulic transmission gadget is a tool that converts pressure of fluid into power. To know the tonnage of the hydraulic cylinder, the very first thing you need to know is the hydraulic system working stress, and the hydraulic cylinder inside diameter and the outer diameter of cylinder rod .

This sort of drive system is used for big hydraulic press, or a set of the drive system to drive several hydraulic presses. The pump of this drive system provides excessive pressure working liquid to the hydraulic cylinder.

Check and tighten the fasteners of the beam and column information rails.3Hydraulic, lubrication1. Wipe and examine the surface of oil pump, valve, oil tank and pipeline, clean, rust free, oil free, no yellow robe, no leakage.2. Clean the oil cup, filter display screen, dredge the oil street, the oil mark is obvious.3. Check the oil high quality and amount within the gas tank, add lubricating oil as acceptable.4.

After the completion of the work, the motor can be formally started, so that the oil pump can function at an empty load for at least 5 minutes. If there isn't any abnormal phenomenon, the system strain may be raised to around 6Mpa to prepare for the following work. According to the construction type, the hydraulic press has two columns, 4 columns, eight columns, welding frame and multi-layer steel strip winding frame types. Most hydraulic presses are vertical, while the hydraulic presses used for extrusion are horizontal.

Check the integrity of the line, hose safety connection reliable, good performance.three. Check the journey change of movable beam, verify whether or not the action is delicate and reliable.4. Safety protective cowl, pillar protective cover complete and easy to make use of, foot pedal switch protecting cover intact, safe and reliable.5. Switch on the power and jog the motor to examine if the rotation is in keeping with the specified rotation.

No.PositionMaintenance particulars and requirements1External maintenance1. Clean the skin floor of hydraulic press, keep inside and outside clear, no rust.2. Complete the lacking screws, nuts, buttons, signs, etc.2Beam, column guide1. Clean the outer floor of higher and decrease beams and movable beams, as well as pillar, information rail, slide block and press plate. Remove the burrs on the underside surface of the movable beam and the higher floor of the decrease beam in addition to on the pillar, information rail and slider.three.

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