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by:DIGUANG     2020-11-20

The process is often carried out on sheet steel but can also be used on different materials . Depending on part complexity, the variety of stations within the die could be few or many. Our metallic stamping dies use new, revolutionary cost-efficient options for any type of tooling system. Our solutions range from the essential sheet steel stamping to extremely complicated dies depending upon the scope and utility want. Interlaken Technology has been designing and manufacturing customized hydroforming presses for over 15 years.

So, whether or not it’s a progressive or compound die stamping project, we offer the custom die stamping companies your project requires to take it to the following level. Metal Stamping services is usually a single stage operation where each stroke of the press produces the specified kind on the sheet metal half or might occur through a series of phases .

Manufacturers can use metallic stamping to achieve advanced and intricate shapes that aren’t potential with different metalworking processes. As lengthy as the best die form is used, metal stamping will turn a traditional sheet of metal into the specified shape. Regardless of whether they are performed, a stamping press is finally used to bodily manipulate and deform the sheet metallic into the shape of the die surface. Custom precision stamping can create more complicated and asymmetrical shapes than different metal-shaping methods. Advanced tool and die components may also be added to stamping machines to provide even more complex components.

We have essentially the most advanced metal stamping, fabrications, finishing, design, and manufacturing gear within the business. Combined with a one of a sort quality control process you could be assured you might be getting the very best metallic elements and elements within the trade. Explore all our tools and manufacturing assets beneath, or see it in motion in our video.

Progressive Die and Stamping is your large scale customized metallic die stamping services provider. We will work with you to create unique progressive die stamping processes based mostly in your project’s actual specifications. As a contract die stamp company, we are ready to tackle all types of stamping jobs.

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