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by:DIGUANG     2020-11-10

From the foregoing, it is obvious that water on this occasion, but might be any other fluid, always fills chamber 50 of FIG. three,394,756 Patented July 30, 1968 'ice FIGURE three is a schematic illustration displaying using the condenser in an exemplified application. Another object of this invention is to supply an improved condenser utilizing a sintered metallic block whereby a large ratio of area to volume within the block allows the condensate to be efficiently collected. We have found that we will obviate the issues noted above by utilizing a porous mem-ber able to condensing vapor and separating the condensate from the vapor with out the necessity of a gravity pressure or an externally created pressure.

portion thereof, to provide a condensing chamber and a gas duct inside the condenser walls. The gas duct extends from the bottom of the condenser to adjoining the highest thereof; where it communicates with the higher portion of the condensing chamber. The gas inlet may then be linked to the bottom of the gas duct, and fuel getting into the condenser passes upwardly through the enclosed duct prior to its admission into the condensing chamber. A further object of my invention is to offer an improved condenser for refrigerating machines which may be economically produced from sheet materials.

Because of quicker liquid drainage and thinner liquid movie, the ACHTC of the LVSPC is about 6%-11% greater than that of the given CPC on the identical inlet vapor high quality. From the curve of LVSPC in Figure eight, it is concluded that the ACHTC of LVSPC will increase in proportion to inlet mass flux.

This, in fact, is of paramount importance in air and house craft because it eliminates the need of exterior energy and it operates in any environment and in any attitude. Cross-reference to associated software This utility is a continuation-in-a part of our copending utility Ser. Found 513 sentences matching phrase 'plate condenser'.Found in 10 ms. Translation reminiscences are created by human, however pc aligned, which might cause errors.

Vapor high quality is the mass fraction of dry vapor contained in moist vapor. The lower the vapor high quality in a condenser, the extra liquid droplets in the vapor, and the bigger the liquid movie thickness. Therefore, Figure 9 exhibits that the ACHTCs of each the LVSPC and the given CPC increase with an increase in inlet vapor quality.

are located in a condenser circle with a source of alternating current . Modularized and systematic course of design idea to ensure meeting last demand of clients in full working situation.To scale back the cost of buy, operate and maintenance to bring more vale .

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