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Semi Welded Plate Condenser

by:DIGUANG     2020-11-09

2 and 3 my improved condenser 15 which incorporates wall members 23 and 24 of a sheet material corresponding to, for instance, metal and that are secured collectively along their margins, as shown at 25, ideally by welding. As proven, a high pressure gas conduit 20 extends from the refrigerating machine 12 to the condenser 15 for conveying the compressed fuel to be condensed. A appropriate strain decreasing gadget corresponding to, for example, a standard float valve 21, is organized in the liquid conduit 19 for decreasing the strain of the liquid, prior to its admission into the evaporator.

Preferably, the condenser partitions are linked by seam welding to supply the gasoline duct, which welding adds to the power of the condenser. In accordance with my invention, I present a relatively flat condenser of sheet metallic having its opposed walls joined, adjacent an intermediate.

The system disclosed operates on the nicely-identified compressor condenser expander cycle, as shall be understood. Suction and liquid conduits 18 and 19 join the evaporator 14 to the refrigerating machine 12 and the condenser 15, respectively. 1 exhibits a domestic refrigerator cabinet 9 having a storage chamber 10 and an equipment compartment 1 therebelow, in which a refrigerating machine 12 is disposed.

Heat is abstracted from the gasoline and vapor, within the passages 27 of the chamber 29 and is dissipated via the walls 23 and 24 to the ambient environment. The wall 28 extends from adjoining the bottom of the condenser toward the highest thereof, but terminates in spaced relation with the top, to outline a passage, indicated at 32, between the condensing chamber 29 and gasoline duct 31. The high strain gasoline conduit 20 could also be related, as shown at 33, to the fuel duct 31 adjoining its lower finish or the top which is adjacent the refrigerating machine 12. The liquid conduit 19 is connected to the condensing chamber under the liquid level therein as shown at 34.

The latter could include a motor driven compressor which is hermetically sealed inside a casing 13. An evaporator 14 is organized inside the storage chamber 10 for cooling the same when refrigerant is circulated therethrough by the machine 12.

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