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Half work advantages and welded plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-14
Half and welded plate heat exchanger work advantage 1 and half and welded plate heat exchanger circulating pump frequency conversion; Variable run 2 and a half and welded plate heat exchanger using high sexual stainless steel plate heat exchanger; Units of small size; Cover an area of an area small 3, operation parameters on digital display; Convenient and reliable four and a half, and welded plate heat exchanger standard modular design; According to the user; Flexible choice control content; May reduce investment, industrial control computer display, store and print various operation parameters; Include: heat medium flow, heat transfer, heat medium pressure, heating temperature, outdoor temperature, amount of standard room temperature, water temperature, water temperature, water pressure, etc. 6, half and welded plate heat exchanger or intelligent temperature controller is obtained by using the industrial water supply temperature intelligent control; The water temperature according to the procedures set with the outdoor environment temperature; Standard room temperature and time; Heating quality, energy saving 7 and half hydrating and welded plate heat exchanger system adopts frequency conversion control, automatic filling water, 8, the water heat exchange; Condensation heat transfer section and the condensate temperature control; Make full use of the condensate heat
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