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Handling and installation of cylinder liner water cooler

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-06
Handling and installation of cylinder liner jacket water cooler water cooler handling and installation: 1, jacket water cooler crane hoisting must pay attention to the equipment. The lifting force effect on the two pieces of pressure plate, shall not be hung in front of the takeover, upper and lower guide rod, pillar and board on a chip. 2, cylinder liner space around the water cooler maintenance shall be maintained. 3, jacket water cooler flat and foundation platforms, the lateral connection at fixed pressure plate screw hole on the board, press the shaft for leveling, tighten the anchor bolts. 4, jacket water cooler in place, after installing a line, should be managed in the way with the valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, exhaust valve, at the exit in the import and export partly on the lowest vent shall be taken into account. 5, if the outlet pressure of the pump may use pressure above jacket water cooler, to import to install pressure reducing valve and relief valve in the heat exchanger. 6, when the activities keep plate side has taken over import and export, pipeline should be flexible, so that in the process of operation, the compensation of plates because of leakage or other causes change the location of the pressure plate. 7, external pipeline, should make hanger, support and adapt to the expansion deformation, in order to prevent the cylinder liner water cooler on the control of constrained due to large stress. 8, when using the medium is not clean, have larger particles or long fibers, jacket water cooler inlet should be equipped with filters.
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