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Heat exchanger cleaning

by:DIGUANG     2020-04-01
In the production of heat exchanger cleaning cleaning in the chemical industry, due to many reasons, heat exchanger equipment and pipeline routes will produce a lot of such as coking, oil dirt, scale, sediment, corrosion products, polymers, such as dirt. Produced by these dirt will disable equipment and pipeline route, device system can produce production decline, adverse circumstance, such as energy and material consumptions increasing corrosion dirt particularly serious when still can make process interruption, device system was forced to shut down, directly cause various economic losses caused by, and even malignant accidents may happen. In today's scientific development to completely avoid dirt is almost impossible, so, industrial production is become heat exchanger equipment such as cleaning, especially in the production of petrochemical industry and thermal power plant is one of the indispensable important segment. There are two main equipment cleaning function or purpose. First, to resume production in the process of industrial production, sometimes because of improper operation caused by unexpected situation caused individual equipment fouling and plugging or partial pipe line, affect the normal operation of the production. For this situation, the main is quickly remove dirt, ensure production equipment can normal operation, normal production is resumed. Second, the recovery device efficiency. Equipment such as chemical equipment fouling caused by heat exchanger heat transfer heat coefficient decreases, reduce or increase the flow resistance of pipe flow area, can make, such as increase the consumption, production efficiency decreases obviously. At this time to resume production by cleaning descaling equipment production efficiency.
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