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Heat exchanger station board in the inspection testing and maintenance

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-05
So the heat exchange station board in check detection and maintenance ( 1) Maintain a clean and tidy in the external heat exchanger station board, insulation layer and paint in good condition. ( 2) Keep the pressure gauge, thermometer, level gauge and safety valve instrument and accessories are complete, sensitive and accurate. ( 3) Found that the heat exchange station board in valves and leakage of flange connection, should be timely treatment. ( 4) Open park in heat exchanger station board, don't open the valve too fierce, otherwise easy to cause shock tubes and shell, and local swell-shrink abruptly, thermal stress, make the local weld cracking or pipe joint laxity. ( 5) Minimize heat exchanger station board in the number of open stop, stop using, should put clean the heat exchanger in liquid cleaning, prevent frost crack and corrosion. ( 6) Regularly measuring heat exchanger station plate in the shell thickness, generally two years once.
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