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How about market influence of DIGUANG?
DIGUANG is a renowned brand in the market. It's always a great example when DIGUANG is mentioned. It's been in the marketplace for several decades. As an instance, it has appeared in several national and global exhibitions and conventions. With exports into more nations, brand sway will enlarge.

Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is skilled at the research and development and manufacture of pillow plate heat exchanger. hydraulic press machine series manufactured by Shanghai Empire include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. We take great pride in making products that will serve you for years. This product has a perfect anti-friction performance. In order to meet the requirements of clients, DIGUANG has been satisfying them with high quality pillow plate heat exchanger. Its stable base helps fight against huge vibration.

The establishment of plate heat exchanger is our strategic idea to help the development of DIGUANG. Check it!
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