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How about Shanghai Empire logistics distribution system?
Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is working with a number of freight forwarders to realize on-time delivery. In our business, a team is ready to arrange supply. It takes charge of inventory management and product loading. Measures are taken to ensure the integrity of the item when transporting the product. The possibility of finding a damaged product is small.

DIGUANG has extensive influence on the manufacturing of plate heat exchanger which is regarded to be cost-effective. plate heat exchanger series manufactured by Shanghai Empire include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The quality control of this product is conducted by a professional team. This product is known for its outstanding pressing capability. Paying close to the quality of hydraulic press machine will help better improve the customer satisfication. Its working stability has been greatly improved.

As the power source of DIGUANG, plate heat exchanger plays an important role in it. Ask!
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