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How to disassemble the plate heat exchanger before repairing it? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-14
How to disassemble the plate heat exchanger before repairing it?

2019-05-08 17:28
839 In order to better repair the plate heat exchanger, we must first disassemble the equipment before repairing, check the location and severity of the equipment problem, and then carry out targeted repair work, so that you can Improve maintenance efficiency and reduce error rate. Next, I will tell you how to disassemble the plate heat exchanger before repairing it? 1. Before disassembling the plate heat exchanger, the compressed length of the plate bundle should be measured and recorded. 2. If the gasket is stuck in the groove between the two plates, you need to use a screwdriver to separate it carefully. The screwdriver should be inserted from the easy-to-peel part first, and then separated along the periphery, and must not be damaged. Heater plates and gaskets. 3. When replacing a new gasket, use acetone or other ketone organic solvents to clean the groove of the gasket. Then use a brush to evenly spread the synthetic resin adhesive in the groove. 4. Check whether the heat exchanger plates are perforated, usually with a magnifying glass of 5 times, and sometimes they can be checked piece by piece by light or kerosene penetration method. 5. If debris is found in the short pipes and channels at the inlet and outlet of the medium, it means that the filter has failed and should be cleaned in time. 6. When disassembling the titanium plate, it is strictly forbidden to contact with the open flame to prevent oxidation. 7. Check whether the sealing gasket has defects such as aging, deterioration, cracks, etc., and it is forbidden to scratch the surface with hard objects. 8. It is strictly forbidden to accumulate solid particles, such as sand and iron slag, on the surface of the sealing gasket and the heat exchange plate. 9. Check whether the heat exchange plate is partially deformed. If it exceeds the allowable value, it should be repaired or replaced. Diguang Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells various types of plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger pads, and undertakes the maintenance of various brands of plate heat exchangers. Relying on natural geographical advantages, we are open His heart and enthusiasm welcome friends from all corners of the world. We are eager to communicate, we are happy to share, we welcome to visit, and we look forward to cooperation.
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