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How to effectively clean plate heat exchanger fouling

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-08
In recent years, with its light weight, cover an area of an area small, less investment, high in thermal efficiency, flexible assembly and fouling characteristics such as easy to remove. Gradually promote the use of technology in all walks of life. But because the plate heat exchanger flow smooth section is smaller. Easy generation jam after scaling, make the plate heat exchanger in thermal efficiency is lower, which affect the security and the user's normal use of the equipment. So. To solve the plate heat exchanger cleaning, prevent the formation of scale. Will be one of the important subjects to ensure safety production and economic operation. Plate heat exchanger in use process. Because of improper water treatment equipment operation. Below-standard quality control, the differences of demineralized water injection system, make the calcium and magnesium in the water, carbonate encounter after the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide sediments sticks on the heating surface of heat exchanger, formed the hard scale. Because the scale of the function of thermal conductivity is poor, caused the heat exchanger of extravagance and low thermal efficiency and heat. Which affect the heat transfer effect. Plate heat exchanger cleaning method of scaling on the choice of cleaning agent cleaning agent of choice, is currently used in pickling, it including organic and inorganic acid. Organic acids are: oxalic acid, formic acid, etc. Mainly include: inorganic acid hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, etc. According to the fouling in heat exchanger and the craft, material and scale composition analysis: heat exchanger unimpeded flow area is small, internal structure is complex, cleaning fluid emissions if not precipitation. Easy on the plate of strong erosion, shorten the service life of heat exchanger. Through trial and error, found that it is better to choose formate as cleaning fluid. Add buffer in formic acid cleaning fluid and surface active agent, cleaning effect is better, and can reduce the erosion of cleaning solution on the plate. Through to the scale sample chemical experiment research show that formic acid can effectively remove scale. Found by acid soak test and formic acid can effectively clear the scale on the attached to the plate, and its erosion on heat exchanger plate is very small. Remove scale solution effect: the basic principle of acid solution easily react with calcium, magnesium, carbonate scale, natural soluble compounds, to dissolve scale. The combination of destruction and scale. So attached to the metal oxide scale on the surface of the strip. And off. Gas lift: acid solution after react with calcium, magnesium, carbonate scale, produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide gas in the process of overflow. For undissolved or dissolved slowly scale, has a certain power, make scale from off heat exchanger heating surface. Loose function: to contain silicate and sulfate scale, because of calcium, magnesium, carbonate and iron oxide dissolved in acid solution, residual scale becomes loose, is activity of the acid solution washing down very easily. The measures to prevent fouling of plate heat exchanger in the operation of the pass of water quality, required for demineralized water system in water and softening tank for strict quality testing, qualified to note of the network. In order to avoid impurities into the heat exchanger network. Throughout the system, dirt separator and filter schedule shall be conducted in the cleaning up, also should keep the pipe network of clean, in order to prevent the heat exchanger jam.
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