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How to enhance the effect of plate type cooler?

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-06
How to enhance the effect of plate type cooler? 1, plate type cooler foundation for cooler not sink, in the panel epicranium side should leave space so that he can from the casing tube bundle, plate cooler when in place, should according to hoisting specification, after being level find is tighten bolts, the connection of cold and hot medium in and out of the tube. 2, start should put the cavity plate type cooler air, to increase the heat transfer efficiency. Its steps: loosen the heat, cold media side vent plug, close the discharge valve of medium slowly open the inlet valve plate cooler heat, cold media, heat, cold media from vent overflow is given priority to, and then tighten vent plug, close the inlet valve. 3, when 5 - water temperature rise 10° , open plate cooler medium inlet valve and open the thermal medium access valve, in a state of flow, and then pay attention to adjusting the flow rate of the medium plate type cooler to keep heat medium in the use of temperature.
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