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How to pay for wide gap plate heat exchanger ?
Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. provides a couple of different payment methods. Consult Customer Support and find the simplest way for you to pay. Our firm use one of the greatest payment methods to supply a worry-free purchasing experience. We comply with safety standards so your payment information is secure.

DIGUANG is well recognized as a premium brand in the plate and shell heat exchanger segment. plate heat exchanger series manufactured by Shanghai Empire include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The shape of our plate heat exchanger is more compact and will be convenient to move. It can effectively realize heat exchange between hot and cold fluids. The product is superior in the quality, excellent in the performance, and long in lifespan. This product allows for easy cleaning and repairs.

The idea of immersion plate heat exchangerthat has played an extremely important role has been widely recognized in DIGUANG. Ask!
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