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How to prevent plate heat exchanger seal corrosion

How to prevent plate heat exchanger seal corrosion


The plate heat exchanger seal is essential for the plate heat exchanger, but many people will find that the board heat exchanger will have corrosion phenomenon after the plate heat exchanger is used for a long time. Today, the small preparation gives you to prevent the plate heat exchanger seal. Cat corrosion?

The plate heat exchanger is combined by a group of corrugated metal plates, and there are four corner holes on the plate. The two liquids supplied are passed, and the guide fluid flows alternately flow through the respective channels, which are thermally exchanged, and they are arranged closely. High precision, small size, high heat exchange efficiency, space, and use environmental requirements, suitable for use in small refrigeration units. General air-conditioning equipment can be used for 15-20 years in normal repair and maintenance conditions, but some air-conditioning systems have only been used for several years, that is, the situation of multi-host board heat exchanger is broken, and the main cause analysis As follows: Quality problem compares the heat exchange surface of the other heat exchanger, and the heat exchanger surface of the plate heat exchanger is appropriately thin, 0.5 mm, the resulting corrosion is 0.05 mm / year. The raw material of the ordinary panel heat exchanger is generally used with alloy materials (304 or 316), 304 is a lower price in Austenitic stainless steel, which has an anti-corrosion talent for a certain range of organics, but antihydrate and sulfuric acid can be weak. Like a general home engineering air conditioning host, the plate heat exchanger is 304. After a few years, the sheet will break through, and corrosion is also inevitable.

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The plate heat exchanger is an important component in the heat exchange technology in the process industrial equipment. An elastic gaskets that are sealed between the individual plate heat sink are a relatively losage, and is also an easy-to-aging part under natural conditions. Its use life has an important influence on the service life of the plate heat exchanger. If these seals are cobbled, the original elasticity is lost, and if there is no time to tighten or replace it in time, it can cause the heat exchanger to have a drop. Others, the plate heat exchanger is cleaned in the future, and it is generally cleaned once in two years. If the plate heat exchanger can be opened to clean, some plate heat exchanger can not be disassembled, and can only rely on the heat exchanger into, the valve and wire blockage on the water pipe are cleaned, so The heat exchanger is very difficult to clean, and it is easy to block, fouling, once a part of the passage is blocked once the heat exchanger is blocked, and the other channels can accept the flow of all water in the unit, so that the flow rate flow rate through the plate heat exchanger is increased. Large, friction increase, and wear is accelerated.

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