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How to repair plate heat exchangers suffering from scale damage_

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-04
How to repair plate heat exchangers damaged by scale

2019-01-04 16:34
961 When scale is formed in the plate heat exchanger, it will damage the heating surface of the plate, reduce the circulation cross section inside and outside the heat transfer surface, and increase the circulation resistance of the circulating water inside and outside the heat transfer surface. It becomes very small or even completely blocked, which makes the plate heat exchanger unable to operate normally. What is the reason for the formation of scale in the plate heat exchanger? The main reason is that the water contains calcium and magnesium salts with low solubility. These salts have common characteristics. Their solubility decreases with the increase of water temperature and becomes incompatible salts. The existence of such salts , Is the culprit in the formation of scale. If this happens, how can we remove the scale inside the equipment? How should the equipment be repaired if it is damaged? Here is a brief introduction to the maintenance method of the plate heat exchanger. 1. This method is simple, efficient, and economical. It does not require special water making equipment. It is a very practical anti-scaling water treatment method. According to the different methods of dosing, there are two types: correction agent treatment and anti-scale treatment. 2. Ion rod anti-scaling water treatment This method is a new and advanced water treatment equipment. It has good application effects in central air-conditioning systems, hot water circulation systems, and circulating cooling water systems, and has great development prospects. 3. Magnetization anti-scaling treatment. After the water flows through the high-strength magnetic field, the multi-molecular association in the water and the ion magnetic field will disassemble the original single-sprayed multi-ion associations into single or short-bonded associations. Cut the magnetic field lines of the external magnetic field perpendicularly at a certain speed to generate an induced current. Therefore, each ion establishes a new magnetic field in the same direction as the external magnetic field, and adjacent polar ion molecules are compressed and attracted to each other in an orderly manner, which leads to the change of crystallization conditions, and the formed crystals are very relaxed and resistant. It has poor compression and tensile strength, and is very brittle, and its adhesion and adhesion are also very weak. They are not easy to adhere to the heated surface to form scale. If you want to know more about the maintenance and treatment methods of plate heat exchangers, please follow the official website of Diguang!
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