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How to repair the low heat exchange efficiency of the plate heat exchanger? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-16
How to repair the low heat exchange efficiency of the plate heat exchanger?

2018-11-20 08:51
904 There are many factors that lead to low heat exchange efficiency of plate heat exchangers. Today I want to tell you how to repair plate heat exchangers with low heat exchange efficiency? Low heat transfer efficiency, low flow rate, high pressure drop, determine the signs as follows: 1 Pressure drop problem (pay attention to low flow rate, high pressure drop); 2 Heat transfer efficiency problem: normal flow rate. 1 Pressure reduction problem; 2 Heat exchanger efficiency problem: Measure inlet and outlet temperature and flow rate, and measure 6 times at 10 minutes intervals between each measurement, and change the measurement points of each measurement group in order. Cause analysis: 1 internal blockage; 2 flow trough blockage; 3 wrong placement of the plate causing side flow; 4 strong medium viscosity and slower circulation (flow); 5 when steam condenses, the high pressure drop is affected by the presence of non-condensed gas; 6 Plate fouling; 7 side flow caused by incorrect placement of plates; 8 actual data is different from the calibration data; 9 flow rate is different from the calibration value; 10 failure during condensation can be caused by the following reasons for the non-condensed gas steam dryness is too low condensed steam arch The valve or the steam control valve is faulty when the weather is too low; 11 there is gas in the heat exchanger; 13 there is a problem with the system design. Solution: 1 disassemble the heat exchanger to clean the interior; 2 disassemble the interface to clean the outlet; 3 rearrange the plates; 4 re-select or adjust the working conditions; 5 remove the non-condensed gas; 6 disassemble the heat exchanger and proceed Clean the plate and change the plate arrangement; 7 change the flow rate or requirements; 8 remove the gas and replace the condensate discharge valve or the air pump to replace the steam control valve; 9 modify the system.
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