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Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger

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Immersion Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger

Immersion Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger
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Pillow plate heat exchanger

Plate coil heat exchanger is composed of heat transfer plate pack and shell,these the plate pack is laser-welded firstly,and then inflated,can be used as the gas-gas, gas-liquid,gas-solid of heat transfer and mass transfer the working condition. High heat tansfer efficiency, small temperature difference, dust proof, high temperature and high pressure resistance and easy cleaning, good sealing performance, low pressure drop, safe and reliabl, compact structure, adjustable structure size, multi-end design,variable process. Can customize based on the shape of the container.


Operating conditons: design pressure 3.0Mpa, working temperature 500℃.

Plate material: carbon steel, 304SS, 316SS, 2205, 2507, 254SMO.

Surface finish: natural color, matt, industrial grade electrochemical polishing.

Application Of Pillow Heat Exchanger

(1)Waste water heat exchanger

the wastewater contains particulate impurities, viscous materials and other substances, and pillow plate solves the problems of easy clogging, easy scaling, and difficulty in cleaning. the embossed plate has a wide channel, which can be arranged at certain pitch according to the size of impurities.


Typical application: 

waste water rest volume recovery, waste water rest heat recovery, papermaking black liquor evaporation station.


(2) Powder flow heat exchanger

Typically used in the processes of in-line cooling and heating of solid particulate powders.

Pillow Heat Exchanger Manufacturer | Diguang


(a) The time from the top to the bottom is controlled by infinitely variable speed control and powder flow design to ensure that the crystal particles have enough time to fully cool.

(b) Powder flow is a heat exchanger that cools and heats solid particle powder using pillow heat transfer plate;

(c) due to the particles smoothly flow through the cooler, there is no sharp collision between the particles, the grains are intact, and the breaking rate is extremely low.

(d) due to the cooling heat transfer plate is in direct contact with the particles, the heat transfer efficiency is greatly improved. Typically, energy consumption is 90% less than conventional fluidized bed or drum coolers.


Typical application: chemical fertilizer, chemicals,polymer,cement,mineral, sand,food,sugar, catalysts, metals,bulk crop.

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Flue Gas Heat Exchanger

The gas (flue gas) enters heat exchanger from the top, half side flow rate enters inner plate of heat exchanger from the bottom, along the baffle flow and delayed countercurrent flow to heat exchange, and is discharged from the top.

Features: large channel, small pressure loss/ off-plate layout  into different widths according to delayed airflow, higher heat transfer coefficient at a reasonable flow rate, while ensuring small pressure loss on the gas side.

Typical application: flue gas and water heat exchange,flue gas waste heat recovery, exhaust gas waste heat recovery.


Catalytic Hydrogenation Reactor

Catalytic hydrogenation: liquid phase hydrogenation in industry is carried out in liquid phase medium for hydrogenation reduction, using solid catalyst, the reactants are dissolved in solvent, the reducing agent is hydrogen, which is gas-solid-liquid three-phase catalytic reaction.



(a)According to the industrial characteristics of reactor, it can be designed and processed into different heat transfer shapes, such as straight baffle type, curved axial flow type and circumferential diversion barrel.

(b) The typical catalytic hydrogenation reactor,

Heat exchange area that 14m³ can built in is 150㎡heat transfer plate, Heat exchange area that 200m³ can built in is 200㎡heat transfer plate.


Oil Tank Heater

In transportation system of refinery oil storage, usually installed at the oil tank wall oil oulet is a local heating device.through local heating of the oil in the pipe (storage temperature height oil condensation point is 3 to 5 °C), Reduce viscosity of local oil in pipe, reduce resistance drop of pump suction pipe, to meet pump suction requirements, and achieve oil conversion.



(a)improve oil quality

(b)low resistance drop

(c)higher heat transfer coefficient

(d)small footprint


Typical application

Large crude oil storage tank, large sulfur storage tank, amine storage tank, amine solution tank, amine pit storage tank, amine drain pit tank, hydrocarbon drain pit tank, corrosive medium drain pit tank, tail gas treatment device - hot oil drain tank, catalyst storage tank, catalyst degreasing tank, WTU receiving tank, NMP overflow tank, crystallization tank, HP separator, LP separator.

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