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Liam sidi plate liam sidi welding plate heat exchanger and expanding

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-03
Liam sidi plate liam sidi welding plate heat exchanger and expanding when the temperature and pressure is higher, and the thermal deformation, thermal shock and thermal corrosion and under the action of fluid pressure, liam sidi plate heat exchanger heat exchange tube to tubesheet joint easy to be destroyed, the expanding or welding is difficult to guarantee the sealing of the connection strength and requirements. Now liam sidi plate heat exchanger is widely used in the expansion and welding method. Expanding and welding structure can effectively damping vibration damage of weld pipe bundle, can effectively eliminate the stress corrosion and corrosion clearance, to improve the anti-fatigue performance of joint, and improve the liam sidi service life of the plate heat exchanger, than simply expanding or welding strength has higher strength and sealing. For ordinary liam sidi plate heat exchanger usually adopt & other; Stick expansion throughout strength & welding; In the form of; While the use of strict liam sidi, require the use of plate heat exchanger & other; The intensity of expansion throughout seal welding &; In the form. Liam sidi plate heat exchanger tube expanding with welding by expanding and welding sequence in the process can be divided into the first assortments of welding and welding after the first two.
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