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Methods of dealing with the heat exchanger leakage

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-10
Processing method of heat exchanger leakage 1, under the condition of the pressure, according to the heat exchanger manufacturers clamping size, heat exchanger should resume clamp, size should be uniform, compaction size deviation should not exceed & plusmn; 0. 2N ( mm) ( N。 Is the total number of) , heat exchanger of the parallelism of two clamp should be kept within 2 mm. Part 2, mark heat exchanger heat leak, then remove the heat exchanger, rebuilt or replace the gasket and plate. 3, decomposition heat exchanger to repair PCB deformation of the part or change the circuit board. When the circuit board without spare parts, can be temporarily removed and reassemble the deformation plate. 4, remove the panel, reassemble the heat exchanger should clean the surface of the panel, the heat exchanger can prevent dust adhesion on the gasket seal.
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