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Notice Of Resumption Of Work - Shanghai Empire

Notice Of Resumption Of Work - Shanghai Empire


With the permission of the government, Shanghai Empire has begun to safely and orderly return to work on 17 Feb. 2020.

On the day of the resumption of work, We fully disinfected the company and trained all employees on the knowledge of new crown pneumonia prevention and control to ensure that the work resumed safely and orderly.

The business has returned to normal and production has been running normally. Customers are welcome to come to consult and order.

Shanghai Empire is a manufacturer of producing and supplying plates & gaskets for plate heat exchangers

We can provide the DN25-DN500 diameter of plates, and free-flow plates, semi-welded plates, double-wall plates.

As a manufacturer, we equipped a complete production line, model rich, material variations, and keep sizable stocks.

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