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Of the structure and principle of the plate condenser

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-30
Of the structure and principle of the plate condenser plate condenser according to the different structure can be divided into removable, full welding and welding of three types. Although the specific forms of structure, working principle of the same. Plate condenser heat transfer plate clamped by external force, and assembled together. Heat transfer between separated in a special way of sealing gaskets and welding, constitute the narrow channel. The heat transfer plate formed between parallel channels. Fluid by the control of access through the Angle of the plate condenser heat transfer plate hole in plate heat transfer and heat transfer between the surface flow, heat transfer plate in each piece is a heat transfer surface. When fluid flows through the heat transfer surface, in sharp contrast to the plate condenser surface under the action of corrugated side stream, cold and hot fluid interval to reverse flow in the plate on both sides of the channel, for heat transfer.
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