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Oil cooler, the matters for attention in application

by:DIGUANG     2020-04-02
Oil cooler in use there are many details we need to pay attention to. So when we use the oil cooler should note what respect? Introduce you about the matters needing attention when using oil cooler. 1. Severe control softened water, for any kind of quality control, it is quite important, on the premise of for softening water quality processing, the first thing to check carefully water and softening tank water quality problems in the system and if confirm qualified can be injected into processing. 2. New system test, for some of the new system, not immediately used interchangeably with oil cooler, first of all, the new system to run at a specified time period, let it have a running mode, the party can put the used oil cooler into the system, the aim is to avoid the impurity in the pipeline damage oil cooler equipment. 3. Maintain the cleanness of the pipe network, whether prior to or after completion of work, the work we must to clean the pipe network in, the aim is to avoid the phenomenon of oil cooler jams. Also note in a timely manner to dirt separator and filter cleaning, make the whole work is completed.
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