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Parking considerations for plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-16
Parking considerations of plate heat exchanger plate heat exchanger normally don't have to stop, when pressure drop exceeds allowable values, backwash and has no obvious effect, production capacity of a sudden drop, mix of medium or medium large leakage and can't control, just stop looking for reasons, clean or replace damaged parts. Plate heat exchanger when parking must be: (1) slowly closing low temperature medium inlet valve plate heat exchanger, at this time must pay attention to low voltage side pressure can't too low, then close the high temperature medium inlet valve, reduce the pressure difference. In close the outlet valve closed again after high temperature low temperature medium medium outlet valve. (2) the plate heat exchanger in winter when parking should put the whole net equipment medium, prevent freezing equipment. Temperature drop of plate heat exchanger (3) to room temperature before remove the clamp bolt, otherwise sealing gasket is easy to loose. When remove the bolts, also want to be symmetrical, cross, and then remove the short connection pipe, remove the end. (4) such as plate heat exchanger was discontinued for a long time, to prevent the sealing gasket permanent compression deformation, can be slightly loosen the clamping bolt, sealing gasket and plate heat exchanger can automatic sliding out.
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