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Parking notice MVELLER plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-20
MVELLER note 1, MVELLER plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger parking parking should be on both sides of the fluid valve mouth, slowly closing heat exchanger when the pressure on both sides at the same time, slow down. ( First close the inlet valve, then close the outlet valve) 。 If parking MVELLER plate heat exchanger for a long time, should be empty residual liquid and loosen the tie rod nuts ( 1. 1L) 。 2, especially emphasized, in addition to the accident state, MVELLER plate heat exchanger valve switch should be slow, especially when close the valve stops fluid flow, due to the sudden stop fluid flow, may produce more than normal pressure the impact of several times. 3 stops, winter MVELLER plate heat exchanger should be timely release the equipment within the medium or other antifreezing measures, avoid freezing equipment.
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