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Plate condenser common faults

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-01
Plate condenser common failure 1, leakage occurred mainly plate condenser leakage and leakage, leakage area is mainly in the plate, the seal between the trough plate of second sealing leak parts, end plate and the inner side of the pressure plate; In the event of leakage, timely find the leakage site, and timely leakage parts replacement processing. Wash clean plate condenser board face, prevent dirt adhesion in the gasket seal face! 2, series of liquid medium if on both sides of the plate condenser pressure, high pressure will happen on one side of the string into the low pressure side. If there is a bunch of fluid phenomenon, will lead to abnormal pressure and temperature. Mainly the part of the plate condenser series of liquid in the diversion area or two sealing area! If there is a bunch of fluid phenomenon, it needs to adjust the medium pressure. Replace find slab crack, crack or perforation plate; Or adjust the operating parameters, make it meet the design conditions. 3, plate condenser pressure drop change of import and export pressure of medium changes, affect the system and traffic demands, in the heating system, hot pressure drop is too large, will make a serious shortage of traffic, the heat source is not enough, lead to secondary measure temperature cannot meet the requirements! Four main characteristics, heating temperature meet the requirements are plate condenser outlet temperature is too low, does not meet the design requirements.
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