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Plate heat exchanger check before use

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-19
Plate heat exchanger using check 1 before, should check whether the plate heat exchanger clamping bolt is loose, the size of the specifications shall ensure that all bolts evenly. 2, according to the actual working pressure 1 plate heat exchanger. 25 times, hydrostatic test separately, pressure maintain 20 minutes not leak. 3, use clean running water for 20 minutes to clean the loop. 4, should have a vent valve in the pipeline system. Opened, air should be eduction of plate heat exchanger, in order to prevent the air trapped in the equipment, reduce the heat transfer effect. 5, cold and hot medium of the entry and exit the direction of the installation should strictly according to the regulations of the factory name plate to connect. Otherwise, should not play the best performance of plate heat exchanger.
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