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Plate heat exchanger cleaning method

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-28
Plate heat exchanger cleaning method of plate heat exchanger cleaning method usually divided into mechanical cleaning and cleaning two online. For plate heat exchanger, the disintegration of the former is mainly the heat exchanger, artificial line by removing scale layer on the surface of the heat transfer, and then reassembled. This method can only be used in plate heat exchanger completely out of the system, not only time-consuming, laborious, and reassemble the clamping size requirements for plate heat exchanger is higher. At the same time, so the heat exchange plate between the sealing gasket is easy to damage, to ensure the sealing part must be replaced damaged rubber gasket, increased the cost of spare parts. And online cleaning can not only make heat exchanger get clean when they aren't out of the heat exchange system, the bother of disintegration of plate heat exchanger, and the method is simple, save time and effort, cycle short, quick effect, greatly reduces the labor intensity. Wide clearance plate heat exchanger and routine maintenance of plate heat exchanger in contrast can be seen, due to reduced maintenance frequency, extend equipment uptime, production increase, the cleaning cost saving at least $100000 a year.
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