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Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning


Why does need to clean plate heat exchanger?

Due to the gap of PHE is narrow and the circulation cross-sectional area is small. when the water of high temperature or the medium with fiber and particle passes through, plate type heat exchanger is easy to scale and cause blockage, making the heat transfer efficiency reduce and affecting the normal operation of PHE. So, need to regularly clean the heat exchanger, remove the scale, to ensure the high-efficiency heat transfer and the normal operation of production.


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What are the cleaning methods for plate heat exchanger?

According to the scaling condition of PHE, aging degree and the requirements of users, plate heat exchanger can choose disassembly cleaning and non-disassembly cleaning. When the scaling condition is serious, heat transfer efficiency is low and even block, can choose disassembly cleaning. When the scaling is light or the aging is serious, can choose non-disassembly cleaning.


What are the methods to postpone the blockage and scale of heat exchanger?

Rinse in reverse and built-in filter can postpone the blockage and scale of heat exchanger. in industrial systems, such as power factories and sewage treatment, due to the heat exchanger is very big, the water is dirty, the heat exchanger will often appear blockage and scaling, at this time, disassembling heat exchanger will become difficult. And equipping rinse in reverse and built-in filter can postpone blockage and scaling. If want to extend the blockage time, the main important point is choosing a more reasonable model when designing plate heat exchangers at the beginning.


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