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Plate heat exchanger components of heavy matters needing attention

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-23
Reshipment the matters needing attention of a plate heat exchanger components. Plate heat exchanger, before reshipment component must be qualified in hot plate, sealing gaskets, sealing head ( Cranium) , clamping bolt and nut parts scrubbed clean. b。 Before sealing gaskets and groove bonding plate heat exchanger, must use acetone or other similar organic solvent such as melt groove inside, with a fine gauze wipe. c。 With the same mane brush seal gasket groove width, synthetic resin adhesive coated within the plate groove and then pressure into the sealing gasket, with flat plates pressing it, placed 48 h. d。 With the organic solvents such as acetone, will be pushed to the outside of the groove residual rubber dissolved, clean and clear. e. Plate heat exchanger to replace a new sealing gasket, carefully examined the four corners of the new sealing gasket hole position, must be the same as the old sealing gasket. f。 A plate of plate heat exchanger damage and no spare parts, the plate and the adjacent plate to get off at the same time, then tighten the clamp bolt. g。 Repackaging of plate heat exchanger, the plate should be 180 & deg rotation; To overlay, there is no wrong. Repair replacement board piece, should be in accordance with the requirements in this plate beam. If the plate damage and no spare parts, adjacent plate can be removed at the same time. Difference between plate heat exchanger plate is wrong, judging from center triangle plate is, as long as the center triangle plate is the ( ▽) Is ( △) At the end of the interlaced overlay is wrong. h。 Clamping bolt should be uniform, symmetry, cross on tight. Plate heat exchanger to tighten the clamping bolt to plate beam length size reaches calculated value. 我。 In order to prevent the sealing gasket and plate glued together, in the plate heat exchanger mixture layer of the tu yi on sealing gasket. Mixture ratio of oil, alcohol, talcum powder, used in the meter by weight is 1:1:2.
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