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Plate heat exchanger corrosion protection measures

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-22
Plate heat exchanger corrosion protection measures ( 1) The first thing to consider data can make medium corrosion, accurately choose plate heat exchanger plate materials. ( 2) The plate heat exchanger of stainless steel plate surface passivation treatment, the oxidation film appearance generates a layer of density of fast and very thin film, thus won the outstanding corrosion resistant function. ( 3) In the planning of plate heat exchanger plate forming dies, should choose the structure of the residual stress is small. ( 4) To reduce the scratch of plate appearance, want to polishing mold appearance. ( 5) Plate heat exchanger plate and gasket binder, don't choose expired and rich in chlorine root binder. ( 6) Choose reasonable accurate plate tectonic and normal velocity. ( 7) Add the plate heat exchanger plate contact contact rate, reduce damage to contact.
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